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7×5 Premium HD Box Trailer ATM 1400KG

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Box Trailers
YZCTI manufacture and supply the top-quality wide range of box trailers at a competitive price. We produce the best range of box trailers that are available on the market, providing solutions for every application. All our trailers are designed to be durable and safe products that offer a best-in-class service. All our trailers are manufactured using materials of the highest quality to ensure they’re long-term solutions.


Model Number: SABTHD75

● ATM: 1400kg
● Tare: 400kg(Exclude the weight of the cage)
● Capacity: 1000kg
● Internal Trailer Size: 2100mm x 1530mm x 300mm
● Side: 300mm High, Fully Welded
● Drawbar: 1600mm, 100mmx50mm RHS
● Hot Dipped Galvanised
● Fully Welded Body & Chassis
● Removable Front and Rear Drop Down Gates
● Welded Ladder Racks Holders
● 6 Locking Points On Drawbar
● Flooring: Checker Plate Floor
● Tie Down Rails All Around
● Better Structure Support
50mm×50mm SHS Support Beams From Left To Right
40mm×40mm SHS Support Beams From Front To Back
● Step-up Platforms On Both Sides
● Axle: Single Axle, 50mm Round Solid Axle
● Brake: Menchanic Disc
● Springs: 45mm 9 Leaf 6mm Eye To Eye
● Wheel Size: 14″
● Tyre Size: 185/14
● Coupling: 50mm 2000kg Over-ride
● Jockey Wheel: 8” Swing up
● Light: Tail Light, LED
● Plug: 7 Pin, Flat/ Small Round/ Big Round
● 1 Year Limited Warranty


● Spare Wheel
● Mounting Spare Wheel Holder
● Removable 600mm/ 900mm Cage
● Heavy Duty Mesh Ramp Door
● Canvas Cover For 600mm Or 900mm Cage
● Ladder Racks For 600mm Or 900mm Cage
● Tool Box
● Mower Pad

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